Chavara Cup

As a part of the golden jubilee celebration of Saint Thomas educational society Mysore, Chavara Cup, an inter school sports competition was conducted on 27th November 2019 at St. Thomas High School Gonikoppal.

High school and primary boys from Bharath Matha Composite P.U. College Koppa, performed well and bagged first place in Volleyball. This is for the second time in the history of Chavara Cup our high school boys are grabbing the top position.

The first victory was in 2017-18 when our institution hosted the Chavara Cup. We also participated in march past presentation which comprised of 18 boys and 24 girls who marched to perfection in their colourful attire.

This presentation was seriously appreciated by the audience. The team spirit, hard work and determination of students and PT teachers paved the way for their success. This triumph added feathers of Glory to the cap of Bharat Matha Institution.